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Career Day "Perspectives for Linguistics"

The career day "Perspectives for Linguistics" is an event organized by the Student Council for Linguistics and Phonetics at the University of Cologne. It takes place during the first half of a winter term.

The career day addresses students of general linguistics, english linguistics, computer linguistics, fennistics, german studies, comparative linguistics, dutch linguistics, phonetics, romance languages, reading and writing acquisition, slavic linguistics, language acquisition, language impairments, language processing, psycho- and neurolinguistics.

To provide students with future perspectives besides academia the Student Council for Linguistics and Phonetics mainly invites speakers who found their occupational place outside the sphere of university routine.
As professional perspectives are unclear or unknown to many students, seemingly alternative and extraordinary career paths are of great interest. Moreover, a few representatives of academia are participating as well.

Please note that the remainder of this site (with few exceptions) is in German. If you have any questions please contact the Student Council directly.