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2nd Forensic Linguistics Short Course

The summer school "Forensic Linguistics Short Course" addresses subjects within the broadly defined discipline of forensic linguistics. We work with authentic data and use real cases to illustrate theory. We wish for a high degree of participant involvement and encourage critical inquiry and debate.

The international program offers theoretical and applied introductions on topics in forensic linguistics as well as lectures, poster presentations, and an excursion. Further details will be presented on this website in due course.

Forensic Linguistics

Today "forensic linguistics" functions as an umbrella term referring to research and practice in all those areas where legal and linguistic interests converge. Generally speaking, it is concerned with the role, shape and evidential value of language in legal and forensic settings. Some areas are:

  • authorship profiling and attribution
  • discourse analysis
  • language and meaning
  • organisation of interaction in legal settings
  • structure and semantics of legal instruments
  • comprehensibility of legal instruments
  • linguistic minorities and linguistic human rights

This summer school will focus intensively on three of the aspects of forensic linguistics: authorship profiling and attribution; discourse analysis; and language and meaning.

Do you have any questions? Contact the coordination team (Natascha & Dominic) via e-mail using the subject line "summerschool FLSC": fs-lup@gmx.de!

The Summer School "Forensic Linguistics Short Course" is a joint project of the Student Council for Linguistics and Phonetics at the University of Cologne and international experts in Forensic Linguistics.