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Information for Presenters

Talks will be 20 minutes long with 10 additional minutes for discussion and transition. Talks may be given in German or English.

In the break before the talk, please see the Technical Assistants to either put your presentation on their computer (please bring your talk as PDF or PPT file on a flash drive) or to connect your own laptop.
There will be a VGA cable to the projector, so if you use your own laptop, please also bring your own VGA adapter.

Please see the schedule to decide in which slot you like to present your talk. Please tell us which time slots are most suitable for you and please note slots will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ideas for contents of talks

  • your academic background
  • your way from university to your first/current job
  • insight into what you think is an interesting professional way with a background of linguistics
  • anything you feel is interesting to students of linguistics and neighbouring fields

Conversation Sessions

In between talks and breaks we will have one or two Conversation Sessions. These sessions are for the students to talk to willing presenters in a more direct and private way. You do not have to prepare anything for the sessions but be open and extrovert about your professional background.

Please indicate whether you are available for participation in a Conversation Session and for which one. Please see the schedule for more information on when these sessions will be.